Testosterone Boosters: Your Options for Treating Low Testosterone

If you are a man that has been diagnosed with low testosterone or if you think you may have low testosterone (see: primary and secondary causes), you should be aware that there are plenty of viable options such as natural testosterone boosters and supplements on the market for you to naturally boost your testosterone hormones to standard levels and help keep testosterone levels balanced.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Types:

Most testosterone boosters work by either replacing testosterone via direct induction into bloodstream (injection, patch, or orally digested) or by (supplementing) helping the body to naturally produce more of the testosterone hormones that are responsible for optimal sexual performance, sperm production, an insatiable sex drive, and overall the “male bravado” persona that defines masculinity in a man.

Testosterone Boosters that Generate Natural Testosterone Production: Testosterone booster supplements increase testosterone levels because they contain synthetic and natural ingredients that act to enhance the body’s ability to produce testosterone.

Testosterone Replacers: There is a wide variety of low testosterone therapy replacement alternatives and treatment options for men who want to replenish their testosterone supply. These testosterone boosters are “fake” testosterone hormones that contain synthetic and natural ingredients which add extra testosterone (by herbs and synthetically generated testosterone) to the blood stream directly.

Testosterone Booster Options

Natural testosterone boosters are available in all different forms depending on your treatment needs including via through taking injections, oral digestion of pills, or by wearing a patch that gradually releases a fake testosterone or testosterone production generator into the body.

Finding the Right Testosterone Booster Supplement for You

As with any medical treatment in nature, not all treatment options for low testosterone and testosterone boosters work for everyone the same way. Some testosterone therapies may be more effective than others in individual circumstances, while others may result in the individual experiencing more side-effects than benefits.

A man that is suffering with low testosterone can choose from all sorts of treatment methods, therapy options, and testosterone booster supplements. There is a plethora of over the counter testosterone supplements that can be tried and tested to see how a man’s testosterone levels respond and find what works best. In addition, there are also many safely prescribed testosterone boosters that can be recommended by a physician.

With the myriad of options available- a low testosterone treatment plan can be customized by a physician according to your personal preference, response of treatment, budget, other medical conditions, and treatment purpose, type, form, and duration.

It may take some trial and error to find the ideal testosterone booster supplement or testosterone therapy that suits your individual situation and circumstance. However, you should consider that eventually you will find the testosterone booster solution that provides you with many great benefits for your libido, energy levels, and vitality.

The Top Three Online Retailers for Massage Therapy Instruction DVD’s

In a world that seems to be waking up to the fallacy of our utter dependence on what has become commonly known as ‘modern medicine,’ many individuals are beginning to discover a reawakened appreciation for more natural healing methods. Among those are good old fashioned massage therapy.

MassageIt’s no secret that everybody loves a good massage from that one person that they know who is notorious for giving the best back rubs in the world. If that person happens to be you, then you may have an interest to learn how to give the best massages you can and consider becoming a professional massage therapist.

If this is something you have considered in the past and decided that it’s not for you, simply because of the scheduling requirements for professional instruction, then you may also want to rethink that notion. It is actually possible to educate yourself through the use of in-home massage instruction DVD’s.

Listed below is a quick look at the top three places to shop for the best massage DVD’s online.

Home Study Massage DVD's
Home Study Massage DVD’s

#1. Home Study Massage (Recommended!) –  This specialized set of instructional DVD’s offers professional instruction in three of the most sought after types of massage therapy today. These include the full body massage, Indian head massage and facial massage. Complete these courses at your own pace during your spare time.

The Home Study Massage DVD’s are perfect for beginners and those simply wanting to learn how to give amazing massages, and equally useful for experts and professional therapists wanting to learn these in-demand techniques.

Only available to order from their official website: http://www.homestudymassage.com

#2. Amazon.com – Amazon most likely has very little need for introduction these days. Suffice to say, as one of the largest online retailers in the world, there is no shortage of instructional massage DVD’s for you to browse in their wonderfully affordable inventory. You should have no trouble finding educational material for any type of massage therapy at every skill level.

Here are the most popular DVDs on Amazon.com: http://www.amazon.com/Most-Popular-Massage-DVDs/lm/R2RSQBKFOZ6UT9

#3. Real Bodywork – Similar to Home Study Massage, Real Bodywork offers a specially produced line of instructional materials. Unlike the other two options listed here, this one has a large selection of well organized products for you to browse through, as well as supporting products such as massage creams. This can be a potentially great starting point for novices and experts alike.

Check out their website at http://www.realbodywork.com

Whether you are seriously interested in becoming a professional massage therapist, or you just enjoy making your friends and family sigh in relief when you put your magic fingers to work, these instructional massage therapy DVD’s are almost certainly worth your time. There is a lot to learn and explore and you may find yourself surrounded by new friends and potential clients before you know what hit you!

What are the Secondary Causes of Low Testosterone?

Low testosterone can occur at any stage of life, from birth to adulthood. Understanding what causes low testosterone can help you determine what treatment options are available and help you to determine how best to deal with your unique situation. Low testosterone is broken down into two subtypes, Primary and Secondary. Secondary causes of low testosterone happen when the testicles are developed correctly but a problem occurs in the pituitary gland or the hypothalamus which makes testosterone production low.

Secondary causes of low testosterone

Secondary causes of low testosterone have mainly to do with a problem either in the pituitary gland or the hypothalamus and can be related to age or health. A man suffering from the effects of Aids or HIV will have a lower level of testosterone regardless of age than a healthy man. Men also have lower testosterone production the older they are. Kallaman Syndrome occurs with there is an abnormal development in the hypothalamus, the part of the brain that stimulates the pituitary gland. Generally speaking this will also cause impairment in the ability to see red or green, as well as the ability to smell. Although men who are red/green color blind are not necessarily going to have low testosterone levels. Certain pituitary disorders can also impair the release of hormones from the pituitary gland which will affect testosterone production. Obesity is another key factor in the secondary cause of low testosterone.

Talking to your doctor about low testosterone

When you make an appointment with your doctor, it is a good idea to sit down ahead of time and make some basic notes. Write down your symptoms, any medication that you are on, and any questions you might have. It is easy to get distracted or forgetful in the Doctor’s office and then you might not mention something that is important to getting an accurate diagnosis. You and the Doctor could get to talking about other problems and miss something so keep notes ready to bring with you to the appointment. Do not be worried about taking notes during the visit also, it will give you a point of reference to go back to later, especially if your general practitioner refers you to a specialist. Chances are for your first visit you will see your regular Doctor and then if your symptoms warrant it he or she will refer you to a specialist who can then determine whether you are suffering from low testosterone or another problem.

If it is determined that you have a low testosterone problem then your Doctor and you can discuss different treatment options, what the risks are that are associated with these treatments and you can decide whether treatment is an option for you. Not all treatments work for all patients so be sure to discuss all of your options with your Doctor and do your own research to determine what option is best for your unique situation.

Further reading

You will find the Low Testosterone Expert website useful if you wish to further explore the topic of low testosterone.

What are the Primary Causes of Low Testosterone?

What is low testosterone? What are some of the causes, and what can you do to treat it? These are common concerns for any man, and it is not necessarily related to age. Low testosterone can strike at any age, although certain men might be more susceptible. There are two types of low testosterone, primary and secondary. The Primary types of low testosterone can occur as early as infancy. Klinefelter syndrome, occurs when an extra X chromosome is present. If a child is born with XXY instead of XY then they will show almost immediate signs, including abnormal development of the testicles which will result in an underproduction of testosterone. Another common at birth problem is when the testicles do not properly descend. Although, the second cause is not a guarantee of low testosterone because some male children born with this problem will see it correct itself in the first few years of life.

Primary causes of low testosterone

Mumps, Hemochromatosis, injury, and cancer treatment can all also cause low testosterone at any age. Mumps generally occurs during the adolescence stage; however it can occur in early adulthood as well and can lead to long term testicular damage. Hemochromatosis is too much iron in the blood, which can lead to testicular failure or a dysfunction in the pituitary gland, either of which will affect the amount of testosterone production. Injury to both testicles can cause low testosterone, although injury to just one of them may not affect testosterone production. Perhaps one of the most common effects in testosterone production is cancer treatment. Men who undergo chemotherapy and radiation may find lower testosterone production during treatment, most of the time once treatment is complete testosterone levels will return to normal however some men choose to freeze their sperm in case the testosterone doesn’t return to normal, especially if cancer occurs early enough in life that they were not able to have children yet.

The symptoms of low testosterone

There are some basic symptoms that may alert you to a problem with low testosterone. In infants and newborns, the problem usually presents as under developed genitals, which could appear female or ambiguous at first glance. In puberty a boy suffering from low testosterone may not have the familiar deepening of the voice, a decreased muscle mass compared to other boys at his stage of development. It can also present as longer arms and legs in comparison to the trunk of his body. A general lack of growth of body hair, or even the development of breast tissue might be warning signs of low testosterone and should be discussed with the doctor. Adults who suffer may experience erectile dysfunction, which may lead to a decreased sex drive. They can also experience fatigue, and symptoms similar in nature to female menopause. Any symptoms or warning signs should be discussed with your doctor to determine if you suffer from low testosterone.

There are several treatment options available depending on the cause of the low testosterone when you discuss the symptoms with your doctor they should give you a list of possible treatments and the results expected from these treatments. Understanding what is causing the low testosterone is the first step in determining what can be done to fix it.